The most efficient types of heating and cooling systems you can consider installing in your home.

heat energy

Advanced heat-control systems to manage your indoor temperature with ease.

heat sink

High-quality heat sinks to absorb and control temperatures with immediate action.

domestic hot water

Quick water heating systems for home and gardening applications.

the ground pipes

High-quality ground pipes for water connections and sewage with insulation.

The duct system

Highly effective duct systems developed with the latest technology is air conditioning.

surface level

Quality surface level materials to protect your water and room heating and cooling systems.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Get help from experts in installing high-quality geothermal connections at your home. Install room and water heating systems to enjoy the comfort of control air and water temperatures with your convenience.

Installation and Cost

Our team believes in complete transparency with our customers for purchase and installation services.

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Benefits & Efficiency of Geothermal Heat Pumps

Our geothermal heat pumps are made with high quality ceramic and safe components that keep your water clean and warm. Learn about why you should purchase and install heat pumps at GeoCool.

Loop Piping

Plan the pipe layout for your geothermal system to make effective checks, installations, and repairs in future.

solar energy

Check out our range of solar panels and lithium batteries to switch to a clean energy source and saving on your bills.


We are a team of geothermal system providers available around the country for the best consultancy and doorstep delivery and installation service.

constant heat source

Now you do not have to wait for the water to boil. Our geothermal system will provide to all the needs of your family while adding comfort, cosiness, and temperature protection.


Cooling and Heating

9 Myths About Geothermal Cooling and Heating

People hesitate to use geothermal installations at their house due to some common misconceptions. While the geothermal system is good for heating and cooling your home, there are a few myths that may be bothering your decision. We have listed the most common myths about geothermal systems to help you ease your decisions.

Geothermal systems use energy

Many believe that geothermal systems do not use renewable technology as they consume electricity. The geothermal systems use only one unit of electricity to initiate five units of heating or cooling from the earth to a building. Geothermal system

Geothermal alternatives are better

People feel that photovoltaic power and wind energy are better renewable technologies over geothermal systems, but the geothermal systems save more energy compared to other installations. While their other technologies are equally effective, they consume four times more kilowatt-hours of energy then geothermal systems.

Geothermal HVAC needs a lot of space

The earth loop for a geothermal system can be installed vertically, which only requires a little space above ground. If there is an aquifer that can be tapped, the unit will require only a few square feet of space in your backyard. lot of space  

Geothermal heat pumps are noisy

The advanced geothermal systems are very quiet, and no equipment makes enough sound to bother your children or your neighbours. The heat pumps may have a few vibrations, but that does not make them noisy at all unless you have hanged keys on them.

Geothermal systems wear out

People feel that geothermal systems can wear out with time, but the earth loops can actually last for generations. The heat-exchange equipment can last for at least a decade if it is installed indoors. Different parts of the geothermal system can be replaced individually, so you do not have to spend money on a new system. Geothermal systems

Geothermal systems only work in heating mode

Geothermal systems are as effective in cooling the indoors as they can warm it up. They can be engineered to require no added backup heat source if desired. Some people also prefer to have a small backup system for winters.

Geothermal systems cannot heat water

People think that the purpose of a geothermal system is limited, and it cannot help heating a swimming pool and home at the same time. The advanced systems can be designed to do both tasks simultaneously.

Geothermal systems use refrigerants

People worry that the geothermal systems can put refrigerant lines into the ground that can affect the foundation. In reality, most of the systems available today use only water in the loops or lines so that the topography of the area does not get affected. Refrigerants

Geothermal systems consume a lot of water

The geothermal systems consume no water. The aquifer used to exchange heat with the earth recycles the water again and again. The old pump and dump systems do not exist today, which can save millions of gallons of water for a lifetime.

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