A system of commercial size (20-30kW) for use along the South European cost, as this region has become a major part of the EU global market and has a high growth potential.

Designing and engineering of a new water-to-water heat pump using propane as working fluid, maximising the efficiency of the unit through the redesign of all its components. Expected efficiency improvement: 10%.

Simultaneous design of an optimal ground source heat exchanger, facilitating a high degree of standardization for the market aimed at. The main challenge in the in the ground heat exchanger design is to attain a high quality, thermally efficient, cheap and broadly applicable configuration, with minimal additional sizing calculations.

Design of an optimised integrated system with an expected reduction on the year average energy consumption up to 50-60% compared to traditional systems (air to water or air to air systems).



Providing clear guidelines and design rules for easy system sizing and installation.

Development of standardised sizing and installation protocol that is applicable in a wide geographic region while at the same time achieving high thermal efficiency.